Reggie Washington

Reggie Washington

A unique mix of tradition and innovation that is further enhanced by the subtle combinations of jazz, funk, blues & neo-soul

November 03rd 2019


The project is called VINTAGE NEW ACOUSTIC

VINTAGE: to Reggie, VINTAGE is something that has endured the test of time. It has its own story to tell. VINTAGE (music) is forever valuable & will remain timeless.

NEW: It‘s the feelings, ideas & direction the 4 musicians are trying to take for this music.

ACOUSTIC: Reggie is expressing himself through his acoustic bass & using it to drive the music.

When requested to underline what’s important about this new album, Reggie answers:
“To continue to be FREE in my music and to express myself with creative musicians ! I want my quartet to have fun, so that the audience hears the sound that happiness produces.“

Set list
Half Position Woody – Reggie Washington
Let It Go – E.J. Strickland
Strasbourg-St. Denis – Roy Hargrove

Reggie Washington: double bass
Fabrice Alleman: Saxophone
Féderico Gonzalez-Peña: Piano
E.J. Strickland: Drum


Igor Géhénot, Stefany Calembert, Jempi Samyn, Aristide d’Agostino, Romain-Marie Aubry, Sara Terpolilli, Angelica Roca, Emmanuel André

Jammin’colorS – www.jammincolors.com
Markbass – www.markbass.it
Phifer Guitars – www.phiferguitars.com
L’Autre Distribution
Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI) – www.wbi.be

Thank’s to Roger Vantilt for the photos and Jazzques for the review.