Christmas Special

Jean-Paul Estiévenart Quintet

Jean-Paul Estiévenart Quintet

Fury, sadness, melancholy, passion.

November 30th 2019


Since 2013, Jean-Paul Estiévenart offers us a music without artifice: he composes for his minimalist trumpet / bass / drums trio a music in which he is alone to play the melodies.

For his new project, he has added two harmonic instruments in order to set the «sound stage» for his trumpet: the piano and the guitar, namely Nicola Andrioli and Romain Pilon who are also great improvisers. The rhythm section brings together Nicolas Thys and Antoine Pierre (found together in TaxiWars and Harcsa / Gyemant quartet). The symbiosis between the drummer and the trumpet player is no longer to be demonstrated (Urbex, Jean-Paul Estiévenart Trio, Lorenzo Di Maio Group, …). The music of the quintet, although more substantial than that of the trio, keeps one of Estievenart’s greatest musical quality: its sobriety. As usual, his writing is deeply autobiographical. Strange Bird is a journey into his life, but above all an invitation to give ourselves up to the power of our emotions, enhanced by music.

All the music was written in Spain and in a rather short period of time: it gives the album a particular and coherent aesthetic, and when we listen to it from end to end, the impression of a novel with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Outnote Records – Released on November 15th 2019

Set list

Con pasion
Bert’s sketch


Jean-Paul Estiévenart: trumpet
Romain Pilon: guitar
Nicola Andrioli: piano
Nicolas Thys: double bass
Antoine Pierre: drum


Recorded and mixed by Angelica Roca, video by Romain-Marie Aubry, Sara Terpolilli. Thank’s to Aristide d’Agostino and Paméla Malempré for the support.