Tin Fingers
Christmas Special

Elia Rose

Elia Rose

playing with fantasy instead of gravity.

December 11th 2019


‘Feel good’ music, as Elia Rose describes it, is like walking on a high rope which can be very easy to fall off. Breaking the fall before she hits the ground is a safety net of kitsch, of course! But, even if Elia Rose admits to loving all things kitsch, she never fully succumbs to it, preferring to play with the fantasy instead of the trap of gravity.

And so it’s with the sweet sounds of pop, a fusion of acoustic and electronic music, which Elia Rose expresses herself on subjects that are as far away from each other as the female orgasm and God. ‘Yes, Yes! Some tracks are obviously much deeper than Colors. Currently, we are working on new songs; one of which talks about the planet and it’s not very joyful. But I retain that I am, in general, a happy person and a little euphoric, which I believe can be felt in my songs’.

She doesn’t play down the fact that she is a naturally born singer, either. ‘I am very lucky because I was born into music – both my parents are musicians and I spent most of my childhood (in Tournai, BE) in their piano bar’. Add to this appearing on ‘For the Glory’ at age 14 and later on The Voice (BE) while playing with cover bands ‘in every possible style except metal and reggae’, one starts to see where her wide range of influences stem from. And, as Elia Rose herself remarks ‘doing pop can be very rewarding too and can reach a wide audience that has no less taste than another’.

It may be fair to say that Elia Rose can be a little bit difficult when it comes to her taste in music and what she likes to listen too. ‘When I turn on the radio it’s very, very rare that I hear something I like. Except on radio Nostalgia! But what’s great about the project I’m doing today is that everything is clear: I know where I want go with the music, the lyrics, the compositions, the arrangements, the style, everything!’

Even her new favourite instrument finds a place in this new chapter of her life as a singer / songwriter; having previously never played an instrument on stage she is now accompanied by a keytar! ‘I’m having fun with it. I enjoy playing it and I think that enjoying myself during my live shows is a key element to the project. Especially for the new songs. I try not to take myself too seriously’.

Like she says, this really is feel good music.

Set list

Love is all i need
Colorful nights
Oh my!

Elia Rose: singer
Lorenzo Di Maio: guitar
Cedric Raymond: keyboard
Chrystel Wautier: vocals 1/ electronic pad
Marylene Corro: vocals 2

Recorded by Angelica Roca, mixed by Cédric Raymond , video by Romain-Marie Aubry, Sara Terpolilli.